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At least Go 1.16 is required. For detailed instructions, see gomobile wiki


  1. go install
  2. gomobile init

Build aar

  1. mkdir -pv ./app/libs/
  2. gomobile clean
  3. go get -u
  4. gomobile bind -v --target=TARGET --ldflags '-w -s' -o ./app/libs/fdroid.aar --androidapi=23 ./go/ffcore

where TARGET can be:

  • android - support arm, arm64, 386 and amd64 architectures
  • android/arm64 - support only ARM64 architecture. Recommended for modern physical devices
  • android/arm - support only ARMv7 architecture. Recommended for old physical devices
  • android/386 or android/amd64 for emulators or some rare device
  • android/386,android/amd64 for emulators or some rare device. Both libs architectures will be added in arr file


If command not found: gomobile: export PATH=$PATH:~/go/bin/